Chef's Food For Thought

I believe that we must look to the past before we look to the future. The food at MARKET pays homage to our community, culture and heritage. We accomplish this by promoting eating not as a mechanical action or necessity, but as a communal act. The food presented reflects the past by using a nose to tail philosophy, every part of the animal or plant is used in some way. But, rather than sticking exclusively to the classic or historical ways of cooking, I chose to open my mind to the new sciences developed to help make food more precise and accurate. This allows more creativity and the ability to manipulate flavours when necessary to enhance textures and highlight an ingredient in ways that were not previously possible. Through these modernist techniques, we are able to achieve elements that provide a certain awe of curiosity, and what better table talk than that of the food presented and the wonder that it generates. Nevertheless, I believe that the techniques of cooking from the past are just as relevant as those we are now able to use. This means that our food can be cured, pickled, butchered, baked, smoked or milled.

Geoff Rogers

Geoff Rogers - Executive Chef