Market Cuisine

Inspired by our region, seasons & community

The idea of “Market Cuisine” stems from the French Canadian term “Cuisine du Marché,” which means cooking with fresh ingredients. At MARKET, our fresh ingredient philosophy starts in our kitchen, where we bake our own breads daily, cure our own meats, do our own butchering, make our own cheese and grow our own herbs, micro greens and select vegetables. MARKET is the first restaurant in Calgary to use an internal home garden, the Urban Cultivator, where we can grow more than 16 different varieties of heirloom seeds year round. We change our menu regularly so we can cook in harmony with the changing seasons and ensure the freshest and best tasting ingredients possible.

At MARKET we believe everyone deserves to experience amazing tasting food without compromising taste! If you have an allergy or dietary restriction please let us know! MARKET can accommodate most food allergies and even has its own Gluten Free fryer to further reduce cross contamination for those Celiacs and Gluten Sensitive diners! Please let your server know about any allergies and we will walk you through our menu and ensure your have an amazing dining experience with us!